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Montebello, CA
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Re: Questions/Inquiries regarding Pre-qualification for U-Verse

Here's a problem I've run into. I live in a home with the home owner. The home owner has DSL through a alternate provider across ATT lines. I have a separate phone line with ATT DSL and I've applied for U-verse on my line and told that I can get it, but I cannot get U-verse installed unless the 2nd broadband connection is disconnected. The home has 3 separate phone lines, 2 for the homeowner and one is my own. I've asked a friend who is a U-verse installer and he says that regulatory rules should say that both broadband connections should be fine in the home but the U-verse system says otherwise. Anyone got any ideas?
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Lisle, IL
·AT&T U-Verse

Need to get AT&T's records updated to show an "Apartment/Unit 1" and "Apartment/Unit 2" at that address. At that point, you would then show in AT&T's system as two separate living spaces, and then would be able to order U-Verse in parallel with the home owner's service

As long as AT&T sees the address as a single service address/single living space, U-Verse will not be installed in parallel with existing 3rd party DSL services


Montebello, CA

Unfortunately can't do that since it's a "single family" home. I'm going to pressure the other resident to just share my U-verse since I'm trying to get the 12mb line which would be about 4x faster than our 2 lines combined anyways.