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Nevada City, CA

[netopia] Configure 3346N for ATT Microcell

Trying to set up an ATT Microcell to work on the LAN side of 3346N. Set up pinholes for 123U, 443T, 4500U, 500U per ATT documentation. Still does not connect. Tried both SmoothSailing and DeadReckoning firewall settings. SmoothSailing showed that the ports were blocked via OpenPortCheckTool. Even with the pinholes. DeadReckoning allows the ports to timeout which seems better to me. They do not immediately show as not there. Also set up exposed addresses from Stateful Inspection for microcell IP address, start and end the same, and TCP/UDP port range from 100 to 4510.
Any suggestions appreciated.

Milford, NH
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Before you mess around with complicated configuration does it work with a basic configuration? Not sure why your ISP cares about pinholes.

Does modem sync?
Do you have the correct VPC/VCI and username/pw?

Pinholes let you pass specific types of network traffic through the Netopia's NAT interfaces. Once configured, selected types of network traffic, such as FTP requests or HTTP (Web) connections, will be forwarded to a specific host or server behind your gateway device.


Nevada City, CA
I had to put the 3346 into bridge mode and used a linksys WRT160N router with all firewalls disabled to get it to work. Behind the WRT160N I put another firewall router for the rest of my network. There is something weird about the ATT Microcell that I could not figure out despite numerous calls to ATT help (an oxymoron if ever there was one). It would be nice to know what it requires to work when behind a firewall but maybe it cannot.