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Re: actiontec q1000 overheating

You should check your snr (signal-to-noise ratio) in the modem interface--if either upstream or downstream is below 8db, you're not getting a strong signal which will cause slow speeds and a dropping connection. Also, if the margins seem fine when you first check--e.g. down 24db/ up 17db--it doesn't mean they won't fluctuate. I'd check multiple times. Also check the attenuation in the modem--if it is high (> 50db) it can indicate signal degradation (usually but not always). Also, if the attenuation is high, it can mean that you may just be within the distance parameters from the central office (21000+ feet is usually around the end of the line but it depends on the carrier--sometimes it can be as little as 17000 ft.) and although your margins may be fine at 1.5mbps, 7mbps is quite a jump in speed especially if you are at or around the furthest qualifying distance.

90% of the time, an intermittent connection is not caused by the equipment--if the modem is bad, it won't post.
Here's some tshooting steps (you may have already been through all these): Bypass the filter (if applicable) by putting the dsl (regular phone) line directly into the wall jack from the modem. Make sure all phones are filtered, if not, unplug all phones that are not filtered. If you have satellite tv and a phone line going into the satellite box, make sure it is filtered--if not, unplug it and see if that makes a difference. Home security systems which use a phone line can cause interference as well as lengthy dsl lines (> 20 ft). Phone jacks integrated into surge protectors aren't that reliable--put the line in an actual wall jack instead if it is set up this way. Test the modem on another jack & check to see if the snr margins have increased and/or the attenuation has decreased. Also, check the retrain timer to see when the last actual documented connection drop was.

The field tech usually just checks the snr and attenuation to the nid (the box at the side of your house). If they determine the margins to be good to the nid, the issue is most likely inside.

I've had a Q1000 for about 2 1/2 years now and sometimes the retrain timer is up to 3 weeks--never had a problem with it.

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