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Re: Is this a Good Router ?

Thanks my decision on Routers will be based on which VPN service provider I will use for instance HMA use's OpenVPN and work's with routers with dd-WRT inside. Other vpn services is software based. What i have to deiced is what VPN Protocal i want use PPP PPTP L2TP or SSTP and OpenVPN. So if i use a software or dialer based VPN I'll Go with the Asus, if i go hardware I'll Try the Buffalo with openvpn.


San Francisco, CA
You don't need DD-WRT to use OpenVPN. You can install a OpenVPN client on your machines like any other VPN client. DD-WRT includes an OpenVPN server and client, the server is useful for running your own OpenVPN service but since you just need a client, DD-WRT is not essential.

BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
Good point!


Tampa, FL
Is there any benefit to purchasing the OpenDNS VIP? It's only $9.95 a year. I almost feel like purchasing it as way of saying Thank You for operating a great service.

My question though stands at; is there any real benefit to upgrading?

Award-winning parental controls:
5 preset filter configurations including whitelist-only mode that blocks everything but whitelisted domains
50+ filter categories
Proxy and anonymizer blocking to prevent kids from hiding their browsing
Whitelisting (up to 50 domains that are explicitly allowed)
Blacklisting (up to 50 domains that are explicitly blocked)
Customizable block page

Leading anti-fraud and phishing protection:
Phishing protection sourced from Phishtank the worlds largest phishing database run by OpenDNS

Faster, more reliable Internet:
Anycasting service ensures that you are always served by our closest data center
SmartCache™ means that when a website’s authoritative DNS fails, OpenDNS can continue to serve DNS requests for it.
Geo-tagging directs you to the closest server for the website you are visiting
Typo-correction automatically fixes commonly mistyped website names when browsing
The customizable OpenDNS Guide page appears when you try to access a non-existent website and displays relevant search results to help you get where you want to go
Data centers located strategically around the planet to ensure the fastest service wherever you are
Generous DNS usage capacity is more than enough for most households, but businesses and other organizations will want to consider OpenDNS Enterprise

Easy, no bloat service:
Configure on your router and protect all machines in your home including game consoles, WiFi devices and older machines
No heavy software installation to slow down your computers
No updates to remember or to slow you down. We take care of everything for you in our web application
By installing our updater (a very small application) on a laptop, protection will be extended wherever that laptop goes

Command central for parents
Monitor all Internet usage on your network from anywhere there is Internet access with one of our detailed reports
Change settings for your kids from anywhere there is Internet access
Reporting metrics kept for 1 year
One /32 network

Support for help when you need it
Web-based access to our support team
A VIP badge to make you stand out when you visit the community areas of our site

BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
If you need all that then go for it. I use the free version and it does just fine by me. It does exactly what I need it to do from the standpoint of filtering. I set it and forget it. Once in a great while someone here will come to me and say "hey why can't I get to this site...it says its blocked by you". My response is why are you trying to go to gambling, sex or warez site on my network?

I run a clean network...if you want those sites....get them on your network lol
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