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Broadway, NC
reply to FFH5

Re: FCC: People who are bad at math

said by FFH5:

said by io chico:

said by cdru:

If I can rob a bank and keep 70% of what I take without serving time, why would I stop robbing banks?

Exactly what I was thinking. $12m spread across 4 carriers = minor hand slap.

That'll teach them that lobbyist don't work.

The carriers weren't fined. Read the FCC announcement. It was the 3rd parties that crammed charges on to carrier bills that were fined.

companies targeted in the FCC Notices of Apparent Liability are: Main Street Telephone ($4,200,000);
VoiceNet Telephone, LLC ($3,000,000); Cheap2Digital Telephone, LLC ($3,000,000); and Norristown
Telephone, LLC ($1,500,000).

Granted, but the question still remains as to why the FCC isn't going after the other mystery fees discussed and the way they are deceptively displayed as though they were actually Government mandated fees and why this scrutiny was put on only smaller 3rd party outfits...
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