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Santa Clara, CA

But sometimes the taxes are real

In our service areas, cities and counties charge property tax on our infrastructure located in their area. It's hard to imagine for most people that "property" isn't always real estate but can even include fiber on poles and in the ground.

The City of Emeryville, for example, charges a city property tax in addition to the county tax. We could just raise the cost of our service everywhere, but that would not be fair to customers in other areas. So we added a new (for us) tax line item that breaks out the city and county property tax for each user.

The tax rates are real. The charges are real. It's an unfortunate part of doing business, but taxes are here to stay and (likely) going nowhere but up.


Little Rock, AR
I like the break down of we steal $$$$$ and are fined $$ so its all good, lets keep it up.
where the F do the tax payers sign up for this deal????

Is this why I have a $15 a month land line with at&t and have $18 a month in fees?

Why no I have taxes that are never forwarded because the gov authorized them to be paid to at&t. And fees that they have been caught charging that do NOT exist everywhere and NOTHING is ever done. This is just a wake up call to say hey we have NOT received our bribes this month.