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Gatineau, QC

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A Good Feature: Caller ID Filtering

One of the most popular feature of voip.ms is the ability to filter the calls depending on who is calling. This option is called Caller ID Filtering.

This is a few ideas of what can be done, please feel free to add your own when you reply to this thread.

First of all, you can access this option the menu “DID Numbers” and select “CallerID Filtering”

1- Block anonymous calls. If you don’t want to receive calls from “Anonymus”, “Unavailable”, etc. you can use the option under CallerID Filtering to select all anonymous calls. The easiest thing would be to send those calls to your voicemail, but sometimes someone might be calling you for something important. That’s why you can have a digital receptionist answer those calls for you.

For example, ANONYMOUS calls and gets a message saying that anonymous calls cannot be automatically transferred. Then he is given the option to either leave a message (Press 1), or continue with the call (Press 2). This should filter out most of those annoying calls.

To do so, you have to create a message on your computer and upload it (DID Numbers: Recordings).

Then create a new IVR (Digital Receptionist) and associate it with this recording. You can select the options you want in the order you want, just make sure you plan this before doing the recording so the callers have the right option when they call!

Once this is completed, create a new CallerID Filtering Rule and make all anonymous calls go directly to the IVR you created.

Once the recording is uploaded, it should take about a minute to complete.

Look at the different options and see what you can do for your own needs!

Other examples of calls I have blocked, I once placed an ad in the newspaper, many years ago. Well, months after months they keep on calling me to ask me if I want to subscribe because I have a “special offer” since I’ve dealt with them in the past. Now, when they call, it automatically hangs up.

Our bank also likes to call us, trying to sell us some insurance or new product that we have absolutely no interest in. Since it might be important (I doubt they would use the same number for security and marketing but just in case...) I don’t want these calls to go to “hang up” so I redirect them to my voicemail. If they’re suspecting a fraud on my credit card, they will leave a message for sure.

We also dealt with Sears and had some issues with the appliance. They might call us for a recall or for information about it, but most of the time, they’re just trying to sell us an extended warranty. These calls are sent to “Busy” which for my account leads to the voicemail. If it’s important, they will too leave a message.

The possibilities are almost endless! All the options you can use for your DID, you can use them with CallerID Filtering. You don’t want your daughter’s useless boyfriend to call after 9:00 PM? Use a time condition! You don’t want your mother-in-law to call, send her to the voicemail! You have an important call that you don’t wanna miss but you’re out of town? Make sure that call is forwarded to your cell phone, etc.


Quebec, QC
When you use Caller ID Filtering, you can also redirect to Call Forwarding. A nice thing is you can override the Caller ID.

Useful if you have a cell phone with unlimited call from a phone number.

When calling from a your cell phone, you can redirect to Call Back. Useful if you have a cell phone with unlimited call from a phone number. VoIP.ms calls you back and open a line out.

You can also redirect calls coming from office or cell phone to DISA. Useful if you have a cell phone with unlimited calls to a phone number. From the office is also nice to make long distance phone calls from work.

As I said before... I was getting a lot of phone calls from Bell to sell me services. I'm not one of their clients. Instead of hanging up or getting them a message, I found it more funny to redirect their calls to Videotron... And I did an override on the caller ID so Videotron see their own number calling them... Just to confuse them a bit more.


reply to BingoRingo
My fav is re-directing known telemarketers back to another outside number. So if I'm sick of a certain company calling over and over I'd re-direct them back to the reception at the head office of that company. As long as I can track the number down...

Could be fun to send calls from Bell to Rogers as well, etc etc.


Dunrobin, ON
I did notice a small difference in how you are charged for different terminations: system "hang up" or "busy" appear to be free, but otherwise you pay for playing a recorded message such as "Number out of service".

Consequently telemarketers tend to get the Hang Up or Busy treatment, rather than anything clever. The danger is that if you redirect telemarketers to anywhere too interesting, everyone in the office will try your number and you will get charged for all the forwarded calls / recorded messages.

Just wish I could also match on caller name - would be nice to get rid of "DBT FIX WCA" and similar calls which arrive from different numbers each time.


Burlington, ON
reply to BingoRingo
I use CallerID to create a whitelist of people I'm happy to hear from. Their calls ring my phone normally. Everyone else goes to an IVR saying something like "If you are a family member, friend or acquaintance, please press 1, otherwise please press 2". Pressing 1 rings my phone. Pressing 2 goes to voicemail.

This has been in place for more than a year, and our phone has never rung with a telemarketer in that time. Interestingly, only one telemarketer has even bothered to leave a voicemail.

The call detail records show various telemarketers coming in. Some of them are quite persistent, but I'm guessing it is an autodialer that thinks they have an answering machine so it hangs up.

I have tried many solutions over the years to get rid of telemarketers, but this is the only one that really worked for me.


Rather than using CallerId I am using multiple telephone numbers:

1) A DID number I provide only to friends and family.
2) A DID number I provide to business contacts.
3) A DID number I provide to everyone else.

#1 always rings,
#2 only rings during normal business hours, otherwise voicemail.
#3 always goes to voice mail. (I sometimes add some CallerIDs to ring the phone.)


Gatineau, QC
reply to BingoRingo
The disadvantage is that you have to pay for 3 lines, but that is nonetheless an effective method of filtering!