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Superior, WI
reply to mob

Re: Suspected = guilty no matter what

said by mob:

said by heat84:

said by Chiyo:

a suspected pirate may be allowed to visit only the top 200 Web sites until they stop illegal file sharing.

WTF? (Heath Ledger Batman pic here) What country was that that's trying to block specific sites (because they're porn)? Are we them now?

Since you had to ask, yes.

If they do block sites, they will get sued for civil rights violations. The only thing ISPs ToS can say they can block are expressly illegal sites, as in, the sites that host CP, and other bottomfeeder trash(criminal offenses). Since copyright infringment isnt not a criminal offense, they cannot block it. It will not happen anytime soon, and if it does, expect the EFF, and the ACLU to be involved.