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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL

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reply to TamaraB

Re: Suspected = guilty no matter what

said by TamaraB:

said by BHNtechXpert:

Not defending anyone here but through deep packet inspection they have the ability to determine if the files you are downloading fit the signature of a pirated file with little to no effort.

Is that so? So my encrypted OpenVPN tunnel to Toronto is viewable by my local ISP? How so? For every measure there is a counter-measure. The way to stop this is not to force the square peg into a round hole, but to re-design the peg.

Attempting to force a 50 year-old business model into 21st century technology and culture, is absurd, and will certainly fail.

BTW, it was DPI which prompted me to go VPN, not piracy. If you start aiming binoculars at my windows, I will put up curtains. That's just human nature.


I wasn't talking about VPN's at all...wasn't even part of the discussion. Please don't put words in my mouth.

I don't blame you for using a VPN tunnel and it is well within your right to do so. Nothing is going to stop that but the masses don't do what you do and ultimately that might actually promote the growth of new business in that arena to work around it. Also there is almost always a significant performance hit when you go the VPN route partly due to technology and the other the lack of decent provider out there. For a time this will certainly be a work around for those who insist on engaging in this activity BUT for most people this will be a deterrant which is ultimately the goal. They realize they can't stop it...they just want to limit it as much as possible.
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We the people
Brewster, WA
So when lots of people upload their data to the cloud for connivence or a backup those uploading their music and video collection will get throttled? Not likely but anyone using bittorrent for anything will see the hammer come down because it's not associated with a service that skims the money off the top.

It's just fully dumb to provide a data connection they turn around and tell people they need to stick to the popular commercial websites or get flagged as a pirate.

I'm my data and my rules where it goes, if you want to snoop on my data prepare for the consequences.
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