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Tomball, TX

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reply to openbox9

Re: Suspected = guilty no matter what

Why do "the masses" have to be inconvenienced then if there is no chance that the MPAA/RIAA can combat highly skilled P2P users? Your justification does not fit the perpetrator of the crime and yet you applaud the innocent being inconvenienced or potentially even being incorrectly accused? Where's the logic in that? Again openbox9 you seem to not understand how networks actually work and why punishing "the masses" does nothing to address the real problem.

Even considering the coming of IPV6 with everyone getting a unique IP address cannot surmount the encrypted VPN problem nor the private direct download services doing 30-day usenet backups. Until a major change in internet protocols occurs intellectual property owners are just going to have to cope. Suing the "low hanging fruit" users not skilled enough to cover their tracks again does not address the real problem.

Punish the real criminals, not your paying customers.

No I do not use P2P illegally nor do I condone that activity. I also however have not bought an MPAA or RIAA product (knowingly) for more than 10 years now until they come to their senses and stop suing and/or inconveniencing their paying customers.


Where do you see my applause for the inconvenience? I'm on the other side of this argument, so perhaps I made my point poorly.

Please, stop with the "that's how networks work" thing. It's irrelevant to most of your arguments.