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DPI is a Privacy violation

One thing us peasants forget, is that DPI(deep packet inspection) is actually ILLEGAL, as it invades our Privacy Rights. It's illegal to come into my yard or my home and search my stuff. It's illegal to put a wiretap on my phone and listen to my conversations. It's illegal to open my mail in transit or when it's sitting in a post box.

With DPI, the ISP could easily create a dump file that sends certain data(P2P) of your Internet communications into a folder for review by the copyright mafia or the ISP, who have ZERO legal grounds to get your personal data without a warrant. And any passwords entered(into your download/file locker sites), that are not encrypted, could easily be stolen and used by the ISP or copyright mafia to royally screw your life over.

Are ISP's using DPI for monitoring of their users communications with certain sites that users complain about problems with their ISP? So easy to do, just set up the system to create a dump file for when certain sites are accessed and then compare the time of the posting(along with unencrypted posting data), with the time one of their users were there. Also noted in forums as, "my ISP just called 3 hours after I complained on the forum and then fixed my problem. How the f*ck did they know it was me?" And then a shill makes a lame excuse(random call) to cover up the DPI crime.

The main crime of this whole suspension, site blocking scheme is, no evidence has been presented that would actually stand up in a court of law with a real judge and prosecutor. Entrapment is still a crime, so when the copyright mafia sets up a honeypot that has copy's of the copyrighted file for download, they are actually giving you legal permission to download that file. And when the copyrighted file is labeled as some non-copyrighted works, the copyright mafia is GUILTY of the crime of entrapment, as well as EXTORTION when they send your ISP a letter for payment to be forwarded, stating the imaginary crime.



The MAFIAA is already a de facto part of the government. It'll probably take a revolution to strip those bastards' lobbying bribery rights.