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[Help Me] DIR-655, Hw Version B1, Change firmware, WE PAY FOR IT


I have a router DIR-655 hardware version B1 with firmware version 2.01NA, and I have a big problem with this router, i configured it to work in the 20/40 Mhz channel width in auto. It starts to work fine in the 40Mhz width (connection speed is 270 to 300Mbps) but after 4 or 5 minutes it switches to the 20 Mhz width (connection speed is maximum 130 Mbps).....the problem is that the router never switches back to the 40 Mhz channel width!!!

There is no other wireless networks in the area, so i´m sure there is no interference (i´m monitoring the spectrum with the inSSIDer software with another laptop).

The same scenario is tested with a DIR-655, hardware version A4, and that router switches excellent between the 20 and 40 Mhz channel width.

The best I can figure is that the good neighbor policy is very sensitive on this software release.

What we need is that somebody make a firmware patch (no matter if is a non-official release from D-Link) that dials down the good neighbor policy to levels in line with the A series routers.

We are offering 500 to 800 USD for this patch. any one interested???

The reason to pay for the change?? i have 500 pieces of DIR-655 with my client, and he is asking for the change, so i must keep my client with me!!!!

Thanks in advance.


Windsor, ON

Re: [Help Me] DIR-655, Hw Version B1, Change firmware, WE PAY FO

»DIR-655, Hw Version B1


Springfield, VA
reply to fronquillo
Do you use N or G device? You can force the router to use 40Mhz if you set with N only. If you have N and G devices, you should set the router with N and G only.


Springfield, VA
reply to fronquillo
You can try the new version B firmware 2.03NA