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reply to fuziwuzi

Re: American GFW?

said by fuziwuzi:

I was referring to what the conservatives here WANT to happen, what they are constantly whining about in front of TV cameras. Look at the call for abolishing OSHA, EPA, FCC, FDA, effectively eliminating the 4th Amendment, calls for censoring the internet...

The most recent incursions on the 4th amendment had the support of most of left.

I'm not aware of conservative calls to censor the internet. If you mean an ongoing desire to thwart porn, that's called Parenting and Feminism; given that the *majority* of families-with-children are headed by unmarried women - one would be hard pressed to declare such efforts a conservative domain.

Its true that Conservatives seek to abolish most federal agencies - how else will we ever operate without a deficit? How do we support job growth if we have an all-powerful federal government that opposes business at every turn?

The alphabet agencies you cite have far too much power to implement policy without state or Congressional approval - they're assuming authority that was never delegated to the federal government. While there is probably a middle ground where much smaller versions of those agencies, with more checks and balances, might still make sense, the best course is to eliminate them and start over.

Not born yesterday
Atlanta, GA
I call BS. Sorry, your defense is baseless.