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Inspiron 1545 no power up

I have a dell inspiron 1545 here and for the life of me can not figure out the issue.

She will run fine (less a bad hard drive but that can't be the cause) no random shut downs, nothing... power it off... crap shoot if it will start again and by start I mean show any signs of life. No fans, no power light, nothing... BUT... I have voltage at the battery connections when plugged in... power on switch works (check with a multimeter)

Pretty much lost... I can't seem to find the lid closed switch... not sure if that would prevent boot but...

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!


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lid close switch will not cause this issue. It would just prevent display.

bad hard drive will not normally cause the system to not fire up - unless there is a short occurring as a result of the bad drive.

One of a few things based on the symptoms described:

* Bad power switch (if the power button connects to an actual switch on the motherboard, the button could be fine but the switch could be bad)
* Bad power switch daughter board. some systems have a daughter board that transfers power from the button to the motherboard. This board can go bad.
* Bad battery. A bad battery can cause a system to not power on even on 12v wall power. Typically the result of a short circuit.
* Some component connected to the motherboard causing a short circuit. Could be the motherboard itself possibly not sitting correctly on stand-offs or the board or another device shorting itself directly to a ground source. Bad dialup modems are notorious for causing such issues. Removing pci devices is normally enough troubleshooting to test this theory. With a laptop, there is typically little to remove. Modem and wireless card but they are rarely at fault in a laptop.
* And, of course, a bad motherboard. Typically within the power circuit.

If the system is under warranty, now is the time to let warranty support know. Even if it's sporadic, they may repair/replace.

Ya be nice if it had a warranty...

I was told... the ethernet port was broken off could I fix it...

Looked at it... asked if it worked got the "yep"... the PCB was broken on the power board (shorting out the power cord when plugged in and puffing a little smoke enough to smell)... replaced that now I have this random start issue... just confuses the hell out of me cause it is ONLY trying to power on... I mean thing works fine once on...
But for all I know this issue is nothing new...

I guess I'll just pop her apart one more time try removing everything and get her a start... Kinda already did that but not with the old power board... maybe this new one is crappy... who knows what turns the pc on after you press that switch!

Thanks for the reply! Pretty much confirms what I was thinking... gona be not worth fixing... always nice to get another opinion.

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Let me know how you make out. I have 3 customers with toasted 1545's. I've determined it's a motherboard issue.

Mountain View, CA

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The 1545s all suffer from some sort of hardware manufacturing defect where the motherboard gets cracked or warped due to excessive heat coming from either the GPU or the CPU (not sure which; I'm inclined to believe GPU). If you talk to Dell Support, they will strongly try to convince you to upgrade to a completely different system. Yes, I realise the systems are fairly new (within a couple years), but that doesn't matter.
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I must have google failed I looked around and did not see a ton of reports of bad mobos...

O well guess that solves that you all are saying bad mobo, pretty much what I thought but was hoping I was wrong on...

I don't see how it is mounted badly to cause it to crack or warp but... I guess that explains why dell did not see it either haha.

Thanks all.


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Saw way too many 1545's when I was working at a service centre. Almost every single time it was the mobo that went on them (except for the few times where it was the DC jack).

*hugs my Inspiron 1520*


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looks like can be the (1) mother board or (2)power switch

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I've heard that GPU's sometimes un-solder themselves from motherboard, causing this.... on Dell Insprion 15xx series....

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For haha's... put it back together... like for the 4th time called in junk showed my friend my findings + the responses here... he said keep it... ever since then... been working... ya really not understanding this one... only thing I know of I did differently was put the top power button panel on wrong (missed the tab on the right so it is ontop of the body rather than under it little careless mistake on that pita part) but that should have no effect as the button was tested fine with the meter...

So ya 2 + weeks now it is working with out an issue? where as I could not make a day before...

Only big change was I put my hard drive into it from my own laptop.

Sometimes I really hate computers lol.