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West Tenness
reply to MyDogHsFleas

Re: Here's the comparison with AT&T smartphone rates

said by MyDogHsFleas:


$15 for 200MB
$25 for 2GB, $10/GB thereafter
$45 for 4GB with tethering/hotspot


$30 for 2GB
$50 for 5GB
$80 for 10GB
$20 extra for tethering/hotspot, adds 2GB to plan
not sure what overage charges are

same as at&t $10 per GB.

"regular" user

For NOW. Go back 2 years and the 90% of users were under 200 MB a month. Without caps I wonder what the average would be in 2 years? I suspect in 2 year the AVERAGE use will be close to 2 GB a month and will only be prevented form going higher because people will avoid getting hit with overages.

Verizon and at&t like to tout their 4G service as a solution for rural broadband. hardly. Their service is no better than satellite.

Here is what someone that lives a mere couple of miles from city limits of my town has to do to get internet somewhat resembling what I can get in town.

Verizon 3G( max speed 700 kbps ) 4G arriving in 2013.

$80 for 10 GB. $10 per GB overage

Hughesnet Express 300 business class internet 3Mbps

$200 for 800 MB daily cap. No cap between 1 AM and 6 AM. Slowed down to lewss than dial-up speed for exceeding cap between 6:01 AM and 12:59 AM

Wildblue Pro package 1.5 Mbps

$80 for 17,000 MB download per month 5000 MB upload per month. No overages just get slowed down to under dial-up speeds.

So $360 a month just to get 50 GB a month and speeds no faster than 3 mbps. And of course with satellite HUGE latency issues. and you have to use 3 different services. What a joke.