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Columbus, OH
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Re: Unless they come out with a family data plan

said by 88615298:

said by openbox9:

I expect the family data share plans to show up later this summer, prior to the "back to school" season. I wouldn't count on it to get you anywhere close to $15/mth for 150 MB. If anything, it will likely be priced slightly less than what it costs to have two data plans currently. Purely a guess, but if I were doing it....

Current data price for family plan with two lines: $60
WAG at shared data price for family plan with two lines:
- $50 for 3 GB/mth
- $75 for 7 GB/mth
- $99 for 12 GB/mth

At those prices I could bite. We have 4 phones so $50/4 =$12.50. So that's $2.50 a month less than what I'm paying now. That might get everyone else to upgrade to a smartphone. At current prices hell no.

I suspect data amounts will be the same though. I'm thinking they'll be closer to:

$50 for 2 GB
$80 for 5 GB
$120 for 10 GB

I agree. Right now in our house we have 2 smartphones on the current unlimited data plan. Likely going to get at least one more added after this changeover. With the current data usage amongst the existing 2 phones and expected addition of the 3rd, a capped shared data plan at these prices would be enticing. Until a confirmation from Verizon though, the 3rd looks like it is going straight to PagePlus.
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