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Re: DOCSIS 3.0 trying to come up in Montgomery?

UPDATE: turns out that early Thursday morning (1am-ish), Knology updated the "C Hub" in Montgomery to DOCSIS 3. The tech said that the C Hub is basically east of the Eastern Boulevard. Thursday morning, they started getting reports of people's modems constantly rebooting. It turns out that this particular Motorola modem (SB6160) doesn't quite work with their equipment. I told him that was strange because users in other Knology markets were using this very modem with no problem. It seems to be a firmware issue. My modem has the "retail" firmware (, and I'm assuming that others that have this modem working have a newer firmware. The tech said that the issue has been escalated to Level 5 tech support, and that the responsibility is on Knology to get it fixed. He was very polite and apologetic. As soon as he saw my modem, he knew exactly what the problem was. In the meantime, he has installed a "loaner" modem to get me back online, until Knology and Motorola can figure out a solution. When they do, he'll arrange to re-install my modem. I was his 4th Motorola problem that day, and he still had 3 more after me.
So if anyone is having a problem with the Motorola SB6160, be sure to call tech support so they can get you a loaner.


Montgomery, AL
Thanks for the update. I'm just glad they are finally moving forward with this. I know not everyone can be first and somebody has to be last, and in this case Montgomery is indeed last. And of all the hubs, I'm sure mine will be the last and the people on the other side of the street will have theirs before I have mine.