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New York, NY

Has Verizon actually throttled anyone?

Last night I purchased an iPhone 4 with unlimited data from Verizon. This was a secondary account to my AT&T one, as I wanted to test the network out everywhere before I ported over from AT&T.

I know about the "top 5%" clause, but I'm wondering if anyone has actually been throttled by Verizon for being in that usage tier. I use about 20GB a month with AT&T and while their network sucks in comparison to Verizon so far, they never throttle me and frankly, they're probably too inept to even do so.

I'm worried about canceling my AT&T service and losing unlimited data forever there if Verizon is going to end up throttling me, or pulling some kind of "your data plan isn't compatible with this new phone" nonsense.

Is there any evidence that they do throttle?


Grass Lake, MI
·Frontier Communi..
I have a grandfathered Alltel contract with no cap. I have never experienced throttling...unless you count the total collapse of data speeds after the takeover was complete. I used to get 2.2-2.5Mb down with Alltel but VZW fixed that. I've been stuck at 20-30KB for over a year.

My question is how long "dumbphones" will continue to be available. I have no use for a smartphone -- the screens are too small for comfort -- and the data pricing is a bigger reason to avoid them. The last time I got a new phone the selection was markedly smaller than in prior years and that's probably intentional.