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eathlink timewarner billing more

Hello everybody, maybe you can help me. I had TW for 1 year and when I signed up I got the promotion price and I was paying 40$/month. One month before then end of the promotion I switched to earthlink to get another promotion so I would pay the same price for other 6 months but having a better service. I did the switch in may and now they are billing me the full price, not the promotional price as they said multiple times when I signed up.What can I do? I'm really pissed with them. thank you

Dayton, OH
You will have to call TW customer service to get this straightened out. TW does all the billing for Earthlink cable service. First check and make sure you are supposed to get the promo price for 6 mo. and not 3mo. Then call them and tell them you want back on your promo price that you originally signed up for.


yestarday I spent at least two hours on the phone. first I called EL, explained the situation and they transferred me to a TW rapresentative and he said: "you promotion doesn't exist at all" and than I said, "look, I have a contract and also this offer is on earthlink homepage!" they told me to figure out with EL...I called back and finally they told me that they will figure out a way to give this promotion to TW and they will reduce my bill and also reimburse me for the past 2 months..We'll se....
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