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Cleveland, OH
reply to zalternate

Re: extortion

this is NOT being done in a court of law. So suing them would be pointless and tossed out. Hell an ISP would not even bother to go to court but settle outside. And you have NO right of innocence when leasing a private network from the Provider. Comcast has that in their TOS so it's a moot topic with them. You don't have for access to the Internet. But pay for access to THEIR private network.


freedom land

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said by hottboiinnc4:

this is NOT being done in a court of law.

If someone accuses me of a crime, I am going to be asking the ISP(or any accuser) for full evidence of this supposed crime. Times and IP address and files supposedly uploaded or downloaded, headers of the browser or file sharing program used. Who is the accuser(the copyright owner company and not just a front of a ambulance chasing lawyer firm that temporarily gets the copyright ownership to be able to make money off of stupid people who shit their pants and get the check book out when a notice is received). If a lawyer firm sets up a honeypot to harvest users IP's who connect to it, the users better know that for when the extortion notice shows up.

I don't file share either. And back when I was on dialup, I would have my firewall interface up as I dialed in and connected. In some connections I would see at least 30 hits incoming(for at least 2 minutes) from the former IP address users file sharing program. Now with that many hits on me, how do I know that the ISP is not going to send me a notice, since I got that IP as it had just ended from the other user. ISP Clocks are not always accurate, just ask a couple hundred users on an Irish ISP as of late.

Spains copyright mafia arrested for fraud and many other crimes.
»torrentfreak.com/music-rights-gr ··· -110702/

Is someone accuses my dog of shitting in their yard, they'd better not just be saying "it was a brown dog" and automatically blame me, since my dog has never, ever gotten out of the yard and I can easily point out whose brown dog is always roaming the streets.

In British Columbia, there is a open serial killer file titled "the highway of tears". Women were killed over many years in an area. Cops decide to be more proactive with the investigation of the case, and threaten many,many cab drivers in Prince George to "donate" a DNA sample so that the cab drivers(including ones new to the area) can be declared innocent. It's a f*cking travesty of justice. Threats should not be taken lightly and false accuser must be dragged in to the courts and punished for their "threats" and extortion tactics.
Prisoners are treated better than supposedly free North Americans.