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Bill Neilson
Arlington, VA

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reply to joetaxpayer

Re: Times have changed

I wish that the "only pirates hit caps" went away but I have seen that line used by many posters both here and on other tech forums in the last week alone.

Some users check their email and browse the web or check news apps....and then claim that b/c they dont hit their caps, anyone that does...is abusing the network, slowing the network down, etc....it is a joke but the ISP's have successful given many their Kool-Aid

I'M Here Till Thursday

Sudbury, MA

Understood. To be clear, I don't mean the argument is over, just the validity of that point. When you read that people average 6-8 hours/day of TV viewing, the legit streaming puts a different spin on the numbers.

I'll concede, 8 hrs/ day (to get to 240/mo) is pathetic, but the family of 4 can hit that easily.

The ISPs/Cell guys offer the quality/bandwidth/content, now there are issues. Wait till Google buys Hulu and creates another wave of traffic (as Netflix is now some high % of traffic, Google-Hulu will double it again) and the FCC gets pulled into restraint of trade issues as customers get penalized for using a service they paid for.