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This is a sub-selection from Shame on the ISP's

Fair and Balanced
Katy, TX
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reply to espaeth

Re: Shame on the ISP's

said by espaeth:

The ISP is only granted immunity until they are informed of the violation. (They can't be prosecuted for violations they are not informed about) After they've been informed, as this court ruling shows, they MUST take action or they become complicit in the violation.

Not according to your link which say the ISP is protected unless they do not comply with the court order.

said by yourlink :
Section 512(j) describes the forms of injunctive (i.e. court order) relief available to copyright holders. Even though OSPs have immunity from monetary damages under Section 512, they may be compelled by copyright holders, in appropriate situations, to stop providing access to infringing material or to terminate the account of a particular infringer.

Your link clearly states that ISP are protected from customers transmitting and receiving copyright data. An ISP is under no obligation to forward any letters for any protection. They are already 100% protected.
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