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West Chester, PA
·Cricket Broadband
·Verizon FiOS
reply to SinFIOS

Re: It's About FREAKING Time....

said by SinFIOS :

Dude. You have FioS! Stop whining!

Why in the hell would you want to be a Verizon Fios customer???

False promises, repeated false promises, and their outright blatant lies.

Complete service disruptions that last over a month.

Ping latency measured in Minutes, not Milliseconds.

Sucky DNS servers.

They like to release buggy software on their customers, then deny that it's their problem.

Constantly inaccurate billing.

Literally, days of on-hold time to correct simple issues.

They have completely destroyed my credit rating for non-payment issues, but I have never missed a single payment, nor made a singe late payment in the past 20 years(Going back to the Bell Atlantic days).

They billed me more than $1500 for cable boxes not returned when I supposedly canceled their service, but I have never canceled their service.

Verizon FiOS SUCKS!!!!!

I don't have any other options available, or I would drop them in a second.

Just keep dreaming

Keep wishing, but you really don't want it.

Verizon fios is a complete DISASTER.


I completely doubt you on those accounts. When I had it I had great DNS, incredible ping ( it really showed on games ) and reliable internet connection in my experience. I no longer have fios because the street I live on now doesn't have it.

The billing issue from what I've read is something that still doesn't happen to the majority and very small amount of people, I never hear about it from any of my friends that have FiOS ever and some of them had it since 2005! in MA atleast the installer I had was friendly and had no issue connecting, my neighbor it wasn't the same story but they fixed the problem with the time out issue he was having connecting to their DNS servers.

you act like its the end of the world with them.. also I severely doubt it's your only option, if you can get FiOS.. GOOD CHANCES ARE YOU CAN GET CABLE TOO BUD!

Oh and if you really think there dns servers suck try OpenDNS for kicks.

Take your soap box somewhere else..

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Coppell, TX
reply to KA3SGM
Yup, they suck on many counts. But latency issues? Wow. Mine has rarely been above 7ms and that's passing through two routers my end. And the service has never been down, not once, in the years I've had it.
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reply to KA3SGM
LMFAO, funny how Ive had the service for 2 years and cant relate to a single issue you claim.
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Bill Neilson
Arlington, VA
reply to KA3SGM

Re: It's About FREAKING Time....

I have FiOS internet and love it for 2 years now

Hate Verizon too


Pittsburgh, PA
reply to KA3SGM
Worried about you job at Comcast are you?

I had the misfortune of being a captive customer of Comcast and TimeWarner in the past and switched to FIOS the moment it became available in my area.

To say that the FIOS is head and shoulders above, light years beyond etc etc any of the unpleasant experiences I had with cable would be a monumental understatement.

Truth is I'm struggling to find the words in English, and they may not exist at all, to adequately express how much better FIOS is than the crap cable pawns off on its unsuspecting customers.

Technology, performance, cost/value, problem resolution, everything I can name with one exception.. cable is not even in the same ballpark, city, county or state. The one issue I've had with Verizon in their hellish voice-mail gauntlet that must be navigated to get to a real person... and it's still not worse than the experiences with Comcrap.