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Dallas, TX
reply to Camelot One

Re: Need More $

said by Camelot One:

So Hyman stating a streamed 30 minute TV show (which is what, 21 minutes without commercials) would eat up a Gigabyte - just seems sloppy.

I guess, depends on if it's HD or not, there are episodes of some shows like Game of Thrones that are 1.5GB's just for 720p content, and I think without commercials is about 45 minutes long, so taking half of that out you could get around 750MB for 1 show, which is pretty close to 1GB, and I think it was more of an exaggeration so it wasn't so confusing for consumers. But then again maybe so it's not confusing for ISP's too, since they can't seem to realize 1GB is 1024MB's and not 1000MB's.....

Edit: I think his point was that watching one show could make you hit your cap and make you pay extra, just saying...

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