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Fair and Balanced
Katy, TX
reply to hottboiinnc

Re: Need More $

said by hottboiinnc:

bandwidth may be "dirt cheap" but the hardware and all of the staff that takes to fix that network you use; is NOT dirt cheap. Also there is NO proof on what anyone is paying and that it's going down!

Exactly, ISPs need to charge by the fixed costs not by the byte. If they actually divided the fixed costs by all the available bandwidth and charged you by the byte they would all go under. They can't really charge you by the byte and risk that you curb your usage because they would not get enough money to pay for the network.
What they are trying to do is divided the fixed costs and be profitable and then use charging by the byte to rip off customers beyond just being profitable.
said by hottboiinnc:

Maybe NF should start teaming up with the last mile owners and put their Servers farther into the network And NF is only using L3- when L3 files for bankruptcy protection NF won't be getting that cheap bandwidth- we already seen that they took a HUGE hit when Comcast noticed all that extra bandwidth being sent to their network and taking up their resources did. L3 got to pay a larger bill and NF was affected by it.

Why? Neflix already pays for their internet connection which covers all the costs. Customers pay for theirs which covers all the costs. No one needs to pay more for any reason including usage as all the costs are covered by each party.
Also netflix does not use anyone else's network.
All the customers use their ISP and netflix's ISP to download from netflix.
But if an ISP offers to host netflix servers for free because it would actually save them money, then I doubt netflix would turn them down.

The only reason Level 3 would become unprofitable is because companies like comcast are trying to rip them off by blocking the internet that comcast customers are paying to use.
said by hottboiinnc:

And you have a choice for Internet. There is NO such thing as a monopoly any longer. You have Cable, Telco, 3G and 4g, Wireless from a local provider, 3rd party DSL (if available still), HughesNet and WildBlue and many others. Options are there. It's when you have NO option is that company called a monopoly and then its up to the Feds to decide how much of one they are.

I have no choices for internet, sorry.
My current choices are ATT "capped/restricted" internet or some no name apartment complex cable "capped/restricted" internet which requires cable tv through them.
I can't even get just plain "internet" without restrictions anymore, there is no option for this.

If there was an unresticted internet that I could get, I would in a second. ATT used to be this provider until a few months ago. "Capped/restricted internet" is a monopoly and cannot be called "internet"
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