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Fair and Balanced
Katy, TX
·AT&T U-Verse
reply to hottboiinnc

Re: Need More $

said by hottboiinnc:

i actually work for the LEGO Group. and own my own business. And if you want change- maybe you should be the one that steps up and changes it. Instead you bitch about it and hope it will change for what you want; maybe you should wake up and see that it won't change for what you want until YOU change it. Otherwise live with what you're dealt.

And Comcrap? you show you true age eh? And also if they were really crap they wouldn't be making the money they do. Talk about someone being a little jealous eh?

So even though Lego already pays for their website's internet connection should comcast, ATT, etc be able to charge Lego Group extra when comcast, att, etc. customers go to lego.com to play the free games or watch the videos???
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