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reply to Lark3po

Re: Own you?

said by Lark3po:

said by flycuban:

I guess verizon feels that they own your device that YOU paid for.

If you got a subsidized phone on contract do you really own the phone before the contract terms are met? I ask because I truly don't know.

I personally no longer buy phones on contract for this very reason. I will pay full price for a (unlocked) phone I like and be in total control over what is and what is not on it.

Of course you do. I'm not 100% sure about Verizon but with AT&T I could get an iPhone for $200 for signing a contract, never activate the iPhone, sell it on ebay, remove the data plan and not have any issues.

The contract is a discount for the phone in exchange for agreeing to have service for X period of time. You own the phone, and there's no reversing that. If you cancel the contract you can't return the phone, you must keep the phone and pay the termination fee, which goes down each month you had the service.