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One (at least) problem with that...

The studios have nothing that's essential to anyone's existence. And MTV has been irrelevant for decades. (I want my MTV... to just go away and die already.) Pay more? I'm already thinking about never again buying anything from "Hollywood" and their ilk at the current prices. I'm currently trying Netflix for 6 months or so--a good service I suppose. But pay more than $10/mo. for anything I've already seen a bunch of times? I don't think so. Even if they got a lot more new stuff, well, that might make them worth as much as $15/mo... to someone who doesn't mind sending money to a bunch of thieves and ne'er-do-wells (the "studios", I mean... not Netflix).

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Memphis, TN
If you rely on Netfix / OTA for about 8 months as your primary movie/tv entertainment you will find new movies you have never seen before
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