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El Paso, TX

Can't stop the internet...

Sure, they can try to mitigate the damage with caps if you are an ISP, and with outrageous prices if you are the content owners. For now...
Can't stop reality, as much as they try they can't change the fact that the internet has made their old business models obsolete.

If they keep capping like that, they'll go out of business even faster than they should, someone will find a way to get a new way to connect to the masses, the technology is available, and will only keep getting faster and faster.
So it doesn't matter what they do, there's really not a whole lot they'll be able to limit us with once gigabit connections become so cheap, that we don't even need to get it from them.

As far as the content industry goes, just how long do they think they can be the middle men?
What happens when companies like Netflix, that compete in a truly open market start becoming content owners?
They don't stand a chance. Netflix is just the start. In a few years, when bandwidth becomes even more abundant there are going to be a lot more opportunities for companies like that.
Just look at companies like justin.tv who specialize on live tv and do an amazing job at it.