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Fair and Balanced
Katy, TX
reply to asdfdfdfdfdf

Re: Own you?

said by asdfdfdfdfdf :

So what? I thought we were moving to pay per use where those who use more will be paying more to offset the costs of such additional stain.

Paying by the byte is not used to offset any costs. They would never go to a true pay by the byte system or sell internet less than the cost risking that enough people use enough of data to pay for the network.
The costs are already 100% covered with a great profit from your flat monthly price.
Paying by the byte is being implemented to prevent competition for TV services and to get extra profits.

Originaly with cell phones and the internet the price was very high so they charged lower up front fees and charged by the minute otherwise people could not afford it.
In 1995 bandwidth got so cheap and there was so much competition they went to unlimited and were greatly profitable. With cell phones they did the same thing. In the mid 2000s cell phone bandwidth got so cheap they started to offer unlimited minutes, unlimited internet because of competition.

Now with internet all the competition has been shutout with broadband and the companies are now regressing to charging by the byte to rip customers off. Cell companies are doing the same thing with wireless.
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