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Los Angeles, CA
reply to Chubbysumo

Re: How to take billions and turn them into millions

said by Chubbysumo:

its not worth responding to him. He is the mindset that the studios like. They want you to go back to the extremely profitable traditional outlets. I for one will never buy another DVD, and am very un-likely to buy any kind of physical media anywhere in the near future.
A) physical media takes up physical space exponentially greater than digital media
B) the content that is usually sold is not worth it. The DVD cost about 3 cents, and the actual content is worthless.

Personally, I only buy Blurays - and only when they're on sale for $5 or less a movie. Otherwise, the product is simply too overpriced.

That being said, if there ever was to be a Steam-esque service for movie media, they'd rapidly make bank by customers. Unfortunately, the closest thing we get to that are 1-year rental "Digital Copy" permissions and/or 3-year rentals from online sales services. Again, if they insist on DRM-ing the hell out of the content, then at least guarantee unconditional access to my purchased files.

If I can buy a game on Steam, wait 3 years, and then install it...why are movie files/rights that substantially different?