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This is a sub-selection from still a bargain

Mark F1

Fort Wayne, IN
reply to Chubbysumo

Re: still a bargain

The networks would rather we watched cheap reality junk, which is why many people seek out older, well-made shows- over the internet and on DVD, from Netflix, Blockbuster, Amazon, Hulu,, AOL TV (the only place to watch WKRP In Cincinnati) etc. I remember when TVland, and similar channels, carried real classic TV. And, check out »

Peter Falk's recent death reminded me that Columbo was far better than most shows on TV today, which is why more and more people are tuning out The World's Worst Skateboard Accidents, in favor of classic, well-done, scripted dramas and comedies from television's past. » has great examples of that.

It's all about control. That's why they want to stifle Netflix and other services that let us watch what we want, instead of whatever stuff they want us to watch.
Mark F.

St Thomas, VI
Don't know if this is acurate or not but I do watch old shows. Currently going through Mission Impossible (1960's tv series) and the original twilight zone series.

Love Netflix. Hopefully they can show some type of collusion and take these companies to court.

This is more to do with online distribution rather than Netflix but does USA really think I am going to wait 30 days to watch a new Burn Notice Episode with commercials on Hulu? Or for that matter, actually WATCH it when airs?! Give me a break.
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