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Los Angeles, CA
reply to Rekrul

Re: How to take billions and turn them into millions

said by Rekrul:

Provided it's on a system with Internet access. Try to install them on a system that's not connected and you're SOL.

Use a backup install copy from an internet-connected computer. Problem solved. Also, if your primary computer(s) are not internet connected, then Steam really isn't a service for you. Having a 56k internet connection requirement isn't a big thing to ask of a gaming rig.

said by Rekrul:

If Steam ever goes down, you'll lose all your games.

Offline mode. It will continue to operate for some time without syncing with Steam servers, but I really doubt Steam will be out of commission for a time period of greater than a month.

said by Rekrul:

Did you know that retail packages of Half-Life II list the minimum version of Windows as 98, but you can't actually run it on Windows 98 anymore because they changed Steam's requirements?

If your gaming rig today is operating on Windows 98, you're already doing it wrong. Requiring XP or greater basically covers almost all the target audience. And if the OS really is make-or-break...then pay the $30 and get a new copy. This is all assuming there's absolutely no work-around for Steam on Windows 98.

I will agree that the games you purchase from Steam are nowhere near as openly usable as those you purchase from GOG (Good Old Games - DRM free). However, since gaming studios aren't willing to go that route entirely just yet, putting up with unobtrusive DRM will do for now. I will gladly trade my nonexistant Steam troubles in exchange for eliminating my reliance on physical media & CD-keys.