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Spencerville, IN

Skyway USA

Sometimes when you live in the country, choices are scarce. After 8 years of high speed of varying levels of speed and quality (DSL, Cable etc) in 6 different cities I found myself with only 1 real choice, Satellite. No cable available, no DSL available, no 3G or 4G in my area for a cell data (maybe in 2-3 years) and I was not going dial-up. Checked out WildBlue but they were "full" in my area. Was not willing to spend more than $60. I found Skyway USA. They're older and uplink via the phone (so uploading is dialup speed but you know that going in and I have found good workarounds). Their 768kbps is slower than I've ever had but I've had no issues. 2 of my neighbors had HughesNet and hate it (much slower than advertised). I've not had that issue I'm assuming because their satellite in my area isn't "full". Not bad service for $60 / mo but I wish I could have something different. Any other experiences?


Marble Hill, MO
Are you having any problems yet with download speeds, or their low amount of download allowance. I looked on their website, I had seen it before, but couldn't find it listed this time.

For the price, 384kbps - $39.95, 512kbps - $49.95, 768kbps - $59.95, 1.5mbps - $89.95, it seems to be about the same as the other sat vendors other than offering the slower speeds for reduced cost and having to use a phone line for upload.

I don't have internet access through them (still using dialup, arrggg..) but I have talked with them about service before. I've also got neighbors (and relatives also) with Hughes.Net and Wildblue (not currently available for me either) sat internet, and their experiences vary.


Spencerville, IN
Good questions Tony. No problems at all with download speed. I know their low download allowance is a show stopper for many but my wife and I are not heavy users (streaming video etc.). For us we JUST fit into their download allowance (before they start slowing us down).

As for their prices, I couldn't find ANYONE offering 768kbps for $59.95 which was my limit (after their introductory rate). If I wanted to go $70 I could get 1mbps but didn't want to go there. I also got a nice deal on buying their equipment but that was just me.

I'm just not sure they'll be viable all that much longer but time will tell. For now I have 0 complaints.

Dunno. Ask The Chief

Dawson Springs, KY

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said by toddhawk:

As for their prices, I couldn't find ANYONE offering 768kbps for $59.95 which was my limit (after their introductory rate).

Something's not right here. Assuming this is a bonafide post and not some Skyway promotion, I don't know how you missed HughesNet. After a $39.99/month promotion period, their Basic plan costs the very same $59.99/month - but for that you get 1000k/200k up. Choosing a 768k/33k over something like that is simply counter-intuitive.



Jay, OK
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reply to toddhawk
I agree with Greg. HN is a much better deal and the speeds on the new 9000 modems are running very stable in most places still yet. There have been very few complaints all in all on the HN thread about problems with the 9000 modems other than bad installs and a LAN glitch that was fixed ages ago.
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Tombstone, AZ
reply to toddhawk
You did not say how long that you have had skyway. 768 is not bad for low level satellite plans. The problem most have with skyway is when it stops working. Their normal answer is that it will be fixed shortly, asuming anyone answers your call. Their idea of shortly may be 6 months.
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Spencerville, IN
I've had Skyway for 3 months. If I were looking today I'd get Hughesnet but that wasn't the case when I bought. Always about timing :-(