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United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Santa Cruz, CA
reply to zalternate

NOT still a bargain

said by zalternate:

Even at $30 a month, Netflix would still be cheap. And of course, the users will cut their final strand of cable TV in order to save a few bucks.

Has no one in corporate(ex; copyright mafia) learned that removing choice and jacking the prices way up, will make people drop your sorry ass in an instant to be able to afford food.
"On demand"(low cost streaming) is great.
On a "set schedule"(cable tv) ,with a million useless channels, is ignored and no longer subscribed too. DVR it? Except when a glitch(or the box enforces a certain delete date) erases all that content.

The price was already bumped up not too long ago. I'm afraid that if it goes up again I will cancel the service.
Let them eat FIBER!