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Seneca, SC

i38HG Wireless Question

Since having U-Verse installed about a month ago, I have experienced three instances where I could not get a wireless device to connect to the i38HG Wireless Access Point. The device will show "obtaining IP address..." after which it will time out and not connect. Twice, I corrected the problem by unplugging the power to the i38HG and then replugging. The third time, I went into the router settings and disabled and then re-enabled the wireless connection. I had the router set to "auto" channel selection but changed this setting to a specific channel. I do not expect this to fix the problem but am unsure of what else to try. As a side note, the i38HG is connected to the iNID via a twisted pair phone line that uses HomePNA.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone that may have had a similar experience or if it has worked fine with this setup or an alternate setup.

Thanks, in advance, for any help.


Simi Valley, CA
your not alone see this thread.

»RG Wifi and iPad/iPhone frustration

there are many more of the same issue all over this site


Seneca, SC
reply to schiker
I was able to find a solution to this problem and though I would post for others that might have the same issue. I first need to explain that my original setup is a pair bond with an iNID (i3812V) and the i38HG wireless AP. The ethernet port on the iNID was activated and feeding a Netgear GS608 switch that, in turn, fed all of my desktop and other ethernet devices. The i38HG was being fed by HomePNA by a twisted pair phone line from the iNID and was feeding a STB and providing my wireless network. To solve the problem, I basically disconnected the twisted pair phone line from the iNID and connected the i38HG to the Netgear switch via ethernet. Since doing this about 5 days ago, I have had a rock solid wireless to all my devices with no repowering required.

Unfortunately, I do not have the root cause of the original problem. Obviously, there is some issue with either using the ethernet and HomePNA via twisted pair at the same time. Or, the problem has something to do with data corruption with the HomePNA twisted pair connection. In any case, eliminating the HomePNA and using ethernet exclusively to feed all devices (including the i38HG) appears to do the trick.


Seneca, SC
Spoke too soon and jinxed myself. Still having the issue with my Android devices. I also tried dropping the output power to 300mW but that did not help either. Short of 2Wire firmware fix, I think that there is no reliable solution other than going with the 3rd party wireless AP fix.