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Onalaska, WI

Bitch and complain

Im reading all these negative comments about how Netflix is doing this and that, and that a few bucks is too much to pay for their service. Let me remind everyone that this is still cheaper then what cable charges. I payed $170 a month for television and went down to just Netflix and Hulu Plus and cut my bill and save $110 a month and get exactly what I want.

Even with a $5 increase in my service its still not enough to make me go back. So im completely satisfied with the increase. Especially for good fresh content. Stop being cheap people.

I Am Legend
South Elgin, IL
It is cheaper. I can see Netflix point that Stream was $7.99 a month and to add unlimited DVDs ( 1 at a time) was only $2 more. They seemed very low. Netflix is a business trying to make money. The studios are asking for more and more of a cut. How can Netflix make a profit at $2 for the DVD plan and pay the studios and Postage. If some one gets 6 DVD's a month that is $0.33 a DVD rental. Netflix spends more on postage

Blame the Studios.
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Herrin, IL
reply to twoodward
It's cheaper still and they may have to do it to survive, what I think is making most people mad including myself is the way they went about handling it.

If I walk into a McDonalds and order a Big Mac I don't expect to pay $9 for it then listen to them say "well our costs have gone up, we didn't expect people to still want Big Macs this day and age we were hoping that by now everyone started ordered our fries through the drive through because it's much more profitable. But hey, your just one pissed off customer you only represent a very small majority and we are going to survive with you or without you because after all were McDonalds! We hate to see you go but don't let the door hit you on your way out.

I myself won't come here to the rant forum and bawl about it all day but I don't blame people who do, and I for one most certainly will never return to a company that treats it's users that way. I moved to Hulu (which was surprisingly very good I like it better already)