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Providence, RI

Almost $20 a month for 1 Blu-ray at a time and streaming?

The way this looks I'll be paying around $18-$20 a month for 1 blu-ray-at-a-time and unlimited streaming since Netflix charges around $2-$3 for Blu-Ray on top of their normal fee.

This just isn't worth it for me. I get maybe 2-3 blu-rays a month during a good month. I've watched a half dozen movies completely on streaming in the last 6 months, but I usually don't find anything compelling to watch. Especially since it seems that Netflix limits browsing titles on the Xbox and the built-in app in my TV, forcing me to browse titles on a PC and add them to my Queue in order to access them ion those devices.

I'm leaning towards just utilizing RedBox more for newer titles and cancelling my Netflix. Although it might only sound like an extra $8 or $9 extra a month, but that's $100 extra a year for something I found I was getting marginal value out of before.


Parkville, MD
I will be using Redbox for when I want a DVD or Bluray.
I will keep the streaming plan.
Overall, I will be saving at least $10 per month, compared to their new prices.
Fail for Netflix.