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Netflix/cable/redbox, which to keep

I havent had cable for 5 years and just got it this year because VZ basically gave my extreme for $35 with a DVR. In two months however (one year) that is going to go to $65 when they slap me w/ the DVR fee, and now that sage is gone I will need another 2 receivers.

2plan w/ blu will be going to $24 month.

Redbox - Used once in my life BECAUSE of netflix. Yes it's 2 min down the road, but I noticed very few blu ray and that is what I like about netflix. I also dont like to burn fossil fuels if necessary.

So I am seriously considering to dump my triple play, go to a business only FIOS (no caps, actual CS, and a SLA contract), port my old landline to a freebie just to keep, and going back to using SageTV.

Problem w/ Sage is that outside of hdhomerun, nothing works reliably and now its google, so I need to have a DVR. I may suck it up and go to WMC or myth (its buggy tho).

Netflix streaming is great for my kids who watch the old cartoons and NO COMMERCIALS, like sage.

I value no commercials because I dont want the kids minds diluted w/ commercial crap so some home sage-like DVR is necessary.

So if I dump phone/cable that will save me $80-$90/month, and netflix is only asking for $5 more. In reality my wife watches 95% of her TV on broadcast, and I watch practically none.

So until netflix gets to $80/month it's still a better deal than the cable socialists. And at $23 and I get to choose, it's a no-brainer.

I'm bumping on 40, so having a movie in the first 30 days or even 6 months doesnt matter. All of my friends work 80 hours a week, so cooler talk around the latest movie hasnt happened to me in 10 years.

For teeny boppers who's life is social networking, I can understand but somewhere when you have a job and kids, being first to see a movie is like 98 on my triage list.

Some people forget that before Netflix, the Blockbuster scumbags would charge you $2 for 2 days (after Netflix gave them competition), and if you return it late, tack on another $4. There was always some hidden fee or expired goobers sitting in the aisles.

Cmon people, we all know the studios/content owners are behind the kicker, so don't blame it on Netflix. I've been with them since 2005...and it has saved me agita from Blockbuster, and my kids watching commercials, all that for $20...ok $25 w/ NYS taxes next month. Thats like 4 lattes in NYC

Besides Verizon is turning into an oppressive regime again (man I remember NYNEX - $5 for touch tone) and since they are now a major content distributor its only a matter of time before they "nudge" you into an actuary hell of fees and packages with no escape. Make no mistake the Panzers are readying caps for FIOS. They already shut down wireless, and soon they will charge for Wifi. Ask someone in the know, why they bought Terremark...Then you would really be scared.

I know you guys know better

I Am Legend
South Elgin, IL
Well Netflix is still the better deal. it all depends what you watch and how much time you sit at home. I told my nephew who moved out on his own to save the $60 or $75 a month for cable tv. He got HSI for $30 a month and Netflix streaming only for $7.99. He has an Antenna so he gets all the OTA networks in HD as well as many more channels like This, MeTV, MeTV Too, Antenna TV.

I might drop my DISH and save the $44.99 a month as well. I have an antenna to pick up all the Chicago-land channels.
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