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This is a sub-selection from Just want to clear things up


Yorkville, IL
reply to Thaler

Re: Just want to clear things up

said by Thaler:

Not to dismiss your review, but don't all ISPs stock their entry tier with morons? And aren't you expected to do the troubleshooting steps for them? I've just yet to meet any tech service that had knowledgeable entry level support, nor asked me to almost solve my own problem for them.

I understand why the tier 1 support people are script kiddies - AT&T is just matching the level of their tech support to the level of the typical customer. I see residential customers all the time who can't get DSL to work because the don't have the line filters correctly installed (just saw one this week that had the end labeled "Line" plugged into the modem and the "DSL" plugged into the "DSL" of yet another filter). Scripts carefully written and tuned based on experience are the cheapest way to deal with these types of issues.

Where I have issues is when my understanding of the problem(s) clearly exceeds what the script allows them to deal with. Perhaps once a customer can recite the next three script questions and the associated answers, the tier 1 person should recognize I'm a "frequent flyer" and pass me to somebody who knows what the modem log lines means.
This is a sub-selection from Just want to clear things up