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Any new ISDN hardware?

Are any manufacturers making a decent ISDN router anymore? Bonus points for being reasonably simple to configure?

I'm setting up ISDN for my parents, and I live in a semi-rural county where 1/3 of the population doesn't have access to broadband and with BellSouth/ATT dragging their feet on U-Verse that isn't likely to change soon.

I thought about writing up an article on ISDN for the local paper to help people in similar circumstances, but "just find a router on eBay" and/or "you have to learn Cisco IOS to configure it" is a heck of a stumbling block for the average Joe.


Vanleer, TN
3com Impact Iq were pretty simple to configure , I would NOT buy one new( if you can ) but as you suggested off ebay , plug and play , just enter your spids in and your off to the races