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Suit Up

Los Angeles, CA
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Re: AT&T U-verse obsolete already

I live in a AT&T and TimeWarner area. We get U-Verse in this area, but not DOCSIS 3.0. So the speeds we can get from each service are about the same. I did check the pricing once to see what U-Verse would cost (before AT&T implemented a cap), and for the same level of service as we're getting with TimeWarner it was a little cheaper. But I stayed with TimeWarner because when I had last been on AT&T the DSL was always going up and down and they could never fix it. Now with the cap, I'll definitely never switch. Unless they were to run fiber down my street right to my house and TimeWarner implemented the same size cap.


New York, NY
It looks cheaper... at first. This is due to a few promos AT&T likes to trick you into like $25 off TV service for the first 6 months.

After those 6 months are up though... AT&T costs more. Bill shot up to $160 a month for just the 24/3 Mbps Internet package and U-200 TV package together after all taxes and fees were added in.

Meanwhile, Time Warner's comparable TV offerings combined with 30/5 Mbps Internet (faster AND currently uncapped!) result in a cost of $137 per month (and that's with no $25 off 6 months gimmick) for the service and one DVR. And if you kill off that one DVR and get a CableCARD it drops down to $125 a month.