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[DSL] slow international connection on wireless

i have a 4Mbps DSL internet connection with 3 PCs connected through a router. 2 are connected wirelessly and the other is wired via an ethernet cable.

i noticed that when downloading a file from an international server, the transfer rate on the wireless PCs is 2-3 times slower than on the wired PC. the wireless PC would get about 150-200kb/s, whereas the wired PC can max out to 450kb/s on a single download.

however when i download from a local or nearby server instead, the transfer rate on the wireless and wired PCs are the same and can both reach up to 450kb/s per download.

i don't understand why the wireless connection is slower to international servers compared to the wired PC. don't they all go through the same router? or am i missing something?

my wireless signal is at 54Mbps with "excellent" strength. i also tested the ping results from both the wireless and wired PCs to international servers and they are pretty much the same. there doesn't seem to be any extra latency.

- all PCs are running windows XP SP3
- the modem/router is a D-Link 2640B

hope somebody is able to help or explain what's happening. this problem has been driving me crazy for weeks. thanks!

Sherwood, MI
I have no idea either that's real head scratcher.