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Overall Good Experience - Just not this time

First, quality, service, cost, etc. have been great. I use a sip trunk to a freepbx box for 2 DID's.

My one DID though, I have noticed people report getting busy signals, no matter when they dial.

I opened up a ticket, and recieved a response stating they were able to duplicate the problem, but wanted 2-3 samples to investigate. So I really only have 1 or 2, so I sent them the info for the 2 that I have. And they sent back an email stating the same exact thing, "Please forward us 2-3 examples to help the carrier investigate".

Finally, I have another calling from a different area with the same problem. So I forward this to along with the first 2 that were already sent. And this is what I get back:

In this case we need a few samples with the source, you can call your number from 3 different providers.

Provide source (provider and number), date, time and destination (DID number called) from these calls to investigate.

We require 2-3 different samples, it's very important to continue with the investigation with the carrier.

I appreciate the time you take sending these emails.

Let us know the requested information as soon as possible so we may better assist you with resolving the issue.

Seriously, are they not getting the full details of my emails or what? At this point, I'm wondering if there is a language barrier, or even if I sent them 80 examples, they wouldn't help.

Frustated at this point, as I'm unsure what business I'm losing.


Gatineau, QC
I doubt the language barrier is present as these folks speak English. I heard that some DIDs had troubles, and you might have to get a new one (yes it sucks) but I think what they mean is 3 providers (like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast telephone, even Skype, for example). Maybe the samples you sent were from the same provider?

What about calls from Try calling yourself from a sub-account using a softphone (like Blink for example) and see what you get.