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Silver Spring, MD

Nationwide standard for fiber drops?

I'm digging an 1800' trench for power to my future home and I'm trying to think of other things to put in the trench because I don't want to do this again.

Is there a "standard" fiber optic cable that is used for drops by all companies? I researched my Verizon connection where I'm living now and it's single strand single mode direct burial. If the local Telco (out in the boonies) were to switch to fiber in the future, what are the chances that their system would work with whatever I bury. If there is no standard I don't want to waste money on a guess.

Thanks for any help!

Warner Robins, GA
Conduit. Multiples of it. Different colors if possible. Cap it off for future use. Put in a several access ports along the way. When in the future you need to run something, you will open up one of the physical pipes and pull it through. No digging again. If the "wrong" stuff gets pulled through it, you can easily change to the "right" stuff.


there is single mode and multi mode fiber. PON networks such as verizon are using single mode. There is no harm in running a 6 strand down. I just bought a lot at something like $35c/ft for corning

Run conduits as mentioned. Then it doesn't matter. Make sure you have multiple pull strings. Make them 2.5 times as long as the conduit. that way you can pull back and forth with some lee way. Make sure they are strong.
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Silver Spring, MD

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Re: Nationwide standard for fiber drops?

Thanks to both posters. I decided to run 2" conduit. I don't understand the 2.5 longer pull string though. Do you mean a 4500' pull string in a 1800' conduit?
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