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Baldwin Co. service

I am so glad to hear from someone else in this area about this problem with centurylink. As a teacher home for the summer and trying to work on-line, I have realized how incredibly unreliable this service is! I have quit calling because they make me think it's my fault! I am so frustrated! Sometimes I have no service for 24 hours or more - every time it rains or the wind blows! It happened this week.

What can we do???????


united state
There are other options...unfortunately, they lease their "bandwidth" from CenturyLink through lines maintained by CenturyLink. The last week or so has been the worst I have seen yet but it seems to have picked back up? If not, take your modem to the main office in Foley and exchange it (do not call tech support). I know it is not a solution but it will save a lot of frustration.
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