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switch back to AT&T landline?

If I transfer my AT&T land line telephone number (and service) to voip.ms, would there be a problem if I later decided to transfer it back to AT&T?

I have been using voip.ms for all outgoing calls for a month without problem. I am just wondering if I can change my mind.

PX Eliezer70
Hutt River
There should not be a problem, but keep in mind that AT&T (and Verizon) want their landline (POTS) business DEAD.

»arstechnica.com/telecom/news/200 ··· when.ars

So why would you want to switch back to AT&T?


Now, if you want to "test" Voip.MS for inbound calls, why not just get an inbound number (DID) from them? They are very cheap.

If later on you transfer (port) your AT&T number, you can just cancel the DID you obtained for testing, or just keep both!

Dee Bee
North York, ON
reply to bradmajors
I did what PX Eliezer suggested when I was looking for a new phone provider to replace Bell Canada.
Before I made the switch I set up an account with Voip.ms and got a DID for 98 cents a month. I tried it for a few months, setting up my ATA and making tweaks here and there until I was satisfied that it was a service capable of replacing POTS for my needs. During the time I was trying out the voip service I kept my Bell service.
When I felt I was ready to make the switch I kept the original DID and also had my existing phone number ported over to become a second DID.
I use the original DID for experimenting and have it set up so that I can call it from my cell and basically get mobile long distance at a tiny fraction of the mobile providers price.
I found this way to be less stressful since I didn't have to worry about having all the equipment and the voip service setup right away as soon as a port over would happen. I could take my time and read (many helpful people here with great posts) and tinker and learn and still use the POTS until I made the switch over.