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reply to yahoo2003


said by yahoo2003:

(1). You said many times "I am glad that her business is going well" how did you know my "wife's business going well"?

Considering her line of business, I am assuming a lot of calls means a lot of business. That's a good thing.

(2). You said many times "we did end up losing over $100 on your account". We paid either $15 or $20/mo for a $5 DID and a PAYG plan (I have PAYPAL receipts), how did you loss over $100 over my account with only one month 3500min and 2 months over 2000 min/mo? If a customer cost you, why didn't you notify the customer as all other reputable providers do?

Given the rate we had to pay for the specific rate center your DID was in, and the usage (2000-2500 minutes on average for the last year or service) I calculated a little over $100 in losses. I'm sure we regained some of that from your outgoing usage, but not much.

Don't blame customers for loosing money

Nobody blamed you. We simply charged you overage fee as per the terms of service you agreed to when you signed up. If you didn't bother to read the terms or didn't realize the DID had limits then I am sorry but that is your fault not mine. We'd rather charge you a small overage fee so you feel the urgency of the matter rather than send you fifteen warnings until we have to cancel your account because you don't listen to those warnings. I don't know about YOU specifically - maybe you would've listened - but in past experience EVERY user we notified simply ignored it until it became a financial matter or their account was terminated. $15 is not a lot of money - it's just a token fee to make sure you pay attention - which you obviously did as a result.

I thought we were doing you a favor by staying with you for many years.

Thank you, and you were profitable for us for a long time - but once your usage jumped from a few hundred minutes a month to a few thousand minutes a month you were no longer profitable and we basically turned a blind eye because you were a long-time customer. Maybe we shouldn't have looked the other way, lesson learned.
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