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reply to MxxCon

Re: [modem/router] How to access 6100G's interface while connect

said by MxxCon:

well, i have 2 routers. i reconfigured 6100G into bridge.

my routers need to be inline because of the bandwidth and traffic measurements they record and report to fcc. having both routers on different subnets would cause double-nat and that's another complication in my setup I'd like to avoid..

#1 Let us review your network..

a) Your modem combo that is in bridge modem is at

b) Then you have two RJ-45 WAN port routers with-in the subnet of 192.168.1.* (the one handling the connection to the net is at and the one that is acting a hub/switch/wap is at

#2 Umm..

192.168.100.* and 192.168.1.* are two subnets.


If you wanted to you could have the modem combo not in bridge mode but with the Netgear WNR3500L running SamKnows firmware connected behind it, that would be double nat.

said by MxxCon:

i don't have access to another hub/switch, nor am i really inclined to buy one just for this...
Also while reading »Linksys FAQ »How do I access a modem that is connected to the WAN port of a Linksys Router? that you posted I noticed this:

If the WAN Connection type is DHCP, then access to the modem should be possible without changing the settings in the Linksys when the Internet is in an "up" state. When the Internet is "down", aka DHCP released, then the modem cannot be accessed. In PPPoE, access to the modem is not possible through the Linksys.
this sounds exactly like what's happening here..i was previously using Cablevision's OOL and there connectivity was provided with DHCP and i could access my modem on is why I tried to configure this 6100G for the same IP).
seems like so much hassle to get such a basic info

I agree, it can be a hassle at times.

While I have a hub/switch that I could put between my modem combo and my RJ-45 WAN port router, I know how to switch back and forth between settings.

To be more exact:

If my connection to the net is down, switching between Static Public IP and Static LAN (same subnet as the modem combo Westell 6100F) IP is not a big deal.


Like wise: If your connection to the net is down, switching between PPPoE and Static LAN (same subnet as the modem combo Westell 6100G) IP should not be a big deal.
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