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Carrollton, OH

Got a quote for $500 per month for T1. Talk me out of it!

So I've been dealing with satellite and dial up services for years now. It just doesn't cut it for business. I gotta do something, so I got a quote from (x) company for $500 per month. $250 per month for T1 @ 1.54 Mbps local loop, and around $250 per month for the IP Port with a managed router, which I don't feel I need for my small home network of 4 computers and a printer.

It blows my mind that in 4G areas I'm using a modem smaller than my thumb to download at 11 Mbps for $50 per month, but gotta pay like crazy for this stuff. So before I sign I am hoping that someone might suggest a company that might provide a better solution, or the same solution at lets say $250 per month. Half the cost would be great. Thanks all.

K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL

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If you can get 4G and you have Sprint available and now Verizion going unlimited.... why don't you just use an air card and a router. Assuming your business wouldn't use huge bandwidth.
» (Hayward's Key West)

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T1 pricing is all location/geography dependent. Basically if you're not located in a densely populated 'metro' area, the price can be upwards of $500+.

Smack dab in a big (or mid sized) city and you can get one for around $300. I take it you're in a rural area not serviced by DSL/Cable broadband?
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San Jose, CA
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Re: Got a quote for $500 per month for T1. Talk me out of it!

You never mentioned who you were obtaining quotes for? Speakeasy (covad, megapath) or xo?

How about this?


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@Hayward - I have great 4G coverage. I bought a nexaira BC2 from and an outdoor antenna. I purchased the UML290; 3 bars and great signal strength, but both 4G and 3G cut out all the time. Maybe its just my area, but Verizon LTE is garbage. The speeds were between 8 and 12 Mbps; when it worked...

@blguy07 - I got a quote from Shaun Sullivan @ Telecom for the T1, he's drawing up the papers and should have them tomorrow.

I am in a DSL area; Century Link, but I am at the outer edge of the grid and they refuse to make a station closer to me. The experience was awful, they sold it to me saying I could get 1.5 Mbps at my address. But then the technician showed up, installed and said I'm going to get less than 215 kpbs on their 512 kbps extended package. They left the DSL line laying across my yard for three months before I called and complained...


Chicago, IL
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If it's Mission Critical Internet you are looking for T1 may be the way to go, otherwise you will find lower cost solution. If we can't service you, we would be happy to point you in the right direction.